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Meguiars X-2090 Super Thick Natural Chamois

Meguiars X-2090 Super Thick Natural ChamoisNaturally soft, remarkably thick!

The word chamois is a French term referring to a hoofed animal that lives in the Swiss Alps. It literally means “wild goat”. The hides of these animals are used to make a soft polishing cloth, also called a chamois. However, most chamois today are made of split sheepskin because sheep are plentiful and you don’t have to climb the Alps to get to them.

Traditionally, chamois have been very thin because that is when they are softest, but Meguiar’s decided that a little extra thickness wouldn’t hurt, so they developed the Super Thick Natural Chamois. It’s considerably thicker than any other chamois so it has a greater capacity for water. It undergoes a special tanning process which gives it durability and lasting softness. The chamois measures 2 square feet. It dries any type of paint finish quickly and completely without the risk of swirls or streaks. The ultra soft leather buffs paint to a gorgeous luster as you dry.

What’s even more remarkable about the Meguiar’s Super Thick Natural Sheepskin is the price! It’s much less expensive than imported chamois, yet its made from the same material.

Store your chamois slightly damp in an airtight box or bag in the refrigerator. This will keep it fresh and ready to use. Chamois are intended to be used without chemicals.

Meguiar’s Super Thick Natural Sheepskin Chamois is an excellent value for an extra thick chamois! Pamper your vehicle in natural leather for a beautiful, streak-free glow.

2 sq.ft.