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Wurth ProductsWurth is an international company that originated in Germany in 1954. They specialize in three major areas: automotive, wood and metal working, and construction. Car enthusiasts know Wurth best for their excellent line of auto care products, many of which we offer to our customers.

Wurth’s auto products were developed for German vehicles, which are generally engineered to be high-performance machines. The powerful engines and superior handling put particular demands on the vehicle. Wurth products were created to remedy problems that occur with all cars, but are sometimes more prevalent on German-made vehicles. A prime example is brake dust, for which Wurth has several practical solutions. They also make products for weatherproofing, cleaning, degreasing and protecting your vehicle inside and out.

Out of Wurth’s extensive line, we have chosen what we believe are the best they offer. Whether you drive a German vehicle or not, Wurth provides real solutions to common automotive dilemmas.

 Aerosol items are shipped by ground service only.