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Wheel & Tire Care Kits

Wheel & Tire Care KitsTires and wheels are assaulted by tar, bugs, dirt, and filth every day. They can eat into the finish of the wheels and turn the tires brown. But the worst culprit by far is created by the wheels themselves – brake dust!

Brake dust is made by the friction between the rotor and the brake pad. Tiny metal shavings mixed with an adhesive used in the manufacture of the pads comprise the black, sticky dust. It clings to the wheel and the tire. In just a short time, this dust can eat into chrome, coated, painted, alloy, and roughcast aluminum wheels. No type of wheel is safe! Brake dust is highly corrosive and can open up wounds in the metal’s finish that allow rust to set in. The only way to prevent this is thorough and frequent cleaning of both the tires and wheels.

Below are the carefully assembled wheel & tire care kits we offer. Choose from cleaners, polishes, waxes, and tools to make wheels sparkle and tires glow. With regular attention, your vehicle’s tires and wheels will remain clean and protected from the ravages of brake dust and other contaminants.