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Wheel Repair

Wheel RepairSometimes a simple cleaning and protection routine just isn’t enough to revive old wheels. Years of neglect show up as oxidation, pitting, clear coat failure, discoloration, and staining leaving you with no choice but to take a more aggressive approach toward restoration. When wheels reach that point, it becomes necessary to polish, or in some cases repaint, the wheel surface. The idea of polishing or painting wheels may seem daunting to newcomers, but with the right products and a little know-how, your wheels will be restored to top condition. Choose the brand that’s right for you from Flitz, Mothers, Blackfire, Wurth, Optimum and many more.

For aluminum wheels, the Wolfgang MetallWerk System will exceed your expectations. The system includes Wolfgang MetallWerk Aluminum Compound, Wolfgang MetallWerk Aluminum Polish, Wolfgang MetallWerk Fine Aluminum Polish, and Wolfgang MetallWerk Concours Metal Sealant to bring back the lost luster of your bare, uncoated or aluminum wheels.

Mothers also provides a wide range of products for polishing metal and wheels. The Mothers PowerBall, Mothers PowerBall Mini, and the Mothers PowerCone Metal Polishing Tool all provide access to the unique surfaces and tight spaces found on many custom wheels. Mothers doesn’t stop at polishing wheels; use any of these tools with Mothers California Gold Metal Polish to restore aluminum, billet, stainless steel, nickel, brass, silver or copper surfaces. The safe, easy-to-use formulas in Mothers products will restore the lost beauty of your wheels.

If your wheels do not respond to polishing, or perhaps you are simply looking for a change, Wurth lacquer spray products are for you. Wurth Silver Wheel Spray Paint and Wurth Clear Lacquer are designed to repair and restore the look of European made wheels. The colors are designed to match those found on German alloy wheels and other European Wheels.

When ordinary cleaning isn’t enough for your wheels, don’t throw in the towel! With a little time and effort, your wheels can shine again.

Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Compound
Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Fine Aluminum Polish
Wolfgang MetallWerk Concours Aluminum Polish
Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Concours Metal Sealant 16 oz.
Wolfgang MetallWerk™ Aluminum Polishing Kit
Blackfire Heavy Cut Aluminum Polish
Blackfire Fine Cut Aluminum Polish
Blackfire Wet Diamond Aluminum Show Polish
1z einszett Silver Spray German Alloy Wheel Lacquer
Wurth Wheel Kit
Wurth Rost Off Extra
Wurth Clear Lacquer
Wurth Silver Lacquer Spray Paint
Flitz Metal Polish, Fiberglass & Paint Restorer 16 oz. Liquid
Nevr-Dull®  Wadding Polish
Wheel Wax Metal Polish
Griot's Garage Heavy Duty Metal Polish
Mothers PowerBall Mini Kit
Mothers PowerBall Metal Kit
Mothers PowerCone Metal Polishing Tool
Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish
Mothers Billet Metal Polish
Mothers California Gold Chrome Polish
Mothers California Gold Metal Polish
P21S Polishing Soap
S100 Polishing Soap
Meguiars Hot Rims All Metal Polish
Meguiars Brilliant Solutions Wheel Polishing Kit G3400
Meguiars G16108 Hot Rims Chrome Polish
Chemical Guys Metal Shine, Polish & Protectant 16 oz.
Chemical Guys Metal Wax Ultra Fine Metal Polish & Protection
Optimum Metal Polish 8 oz.
Wenol Metal Polishes
Auto Wenol (Blue)
Wenol Clean & Polish Kit
Red Bufferstick Wheel Buffing Tool
$9.95, 2/$17.95
Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tool & Microfiber Bonnets
2 Bufferstick Wheel Polishing Tools & Microfiber Bonnets