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The ShMITT Multi-purpose Foam Mitts

The ShMITT Multi-purpose Foam MittsThe alternative to the old-fashioned wash mitt!

From the makers of The Edge 2000 Pad System comes The ShMITT, a foam mitt made out of the same foam compositions found in Edge pads. Available in two varieties, The ShMITT is a smart alternative to natural mitts or sponges because it lasts longer and retains its shape better.

The ShMITT is like an Edge pad with an opening for your hand. Slip your hand inside and you’ve got a snug-fitting mitt that gives you more control and comfort as you clean your vehicle.

There are two ShMITTs available:

The Wash ShMITT: Made of white and yellow foam, the Wash ShMITT is gentle on clear coats and all types of paint. The primary washing side is made of the soft foam found in the Edge ultrafine polishing pad. The foam actually has no polishing characteristics and is very gentle on your vehicle. Since this is closed cell foam, it will not hold dirt. Dirt just rolls off the ShMITT and down your vehicle in the rinse water. The wavy surface allows dirt to escape from under the mitt rather than being rubber into the paint.

The ShMITT prevents wash-induced swirls a second way: its snug fit makes it almost impossible to drop it. The ShMITT becomes an extension of your hand, which makes washing your vehicle effortless. Its beveled edges slip between grill slats and in tight places with ease.

The smooth foam surface of the ShMITT prevents it from becoming snagged as you wash or leaving threads. And, unlike sheepskin mitts, the ShMITT retains its shape and texture through countless washes.

The yellow side of the ShMITT is intended for scrubbing. Remove bugs, tar, sap, and other stubborn contaminants from the lower panels and front bumper.

When you’re finished using the Wash ShMITT, rinse it and squeeze most of the water out. The foam dries quickly and will not mildew.

The Wheel ShMITT: The black foam has a rough texture to scrub wheels, tires, and the undercarriage. It can be used to clean interior vinyl and rubber as well, but we do recommend that you designate each ShMITT for a specific area of the car to avoid cross-contamination. For scrubbing tires, the Wheel ShMITT easily hugs the shape of the tire. The porous foam dislodges tar and sticky road grime using soapy water or an exterior surface cleaner. Also use on mud flaps, wheel wells, running boards, and brush guards.

The ShMITT is a totally different wash tool. The completely synthetic foam has a longer usable life than natural sponges or mitts, and the ShMITT’s design is unbeatable for comfort and control. Replace your mitt with the ShMITT!

  • Comfortable, snug fit
  • Ergonomic design
  • Completely synthetic materials
  • Saves water – rinses clean in seconds
  • Environmentally responsible manufacturing: all materials are recycled
  • Foam resists deterioration so texture stays consistet
  • Won’t rot or mildew