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S100 Motorcycle Care

S100 Motorcycle CareAnyone who owns a motorcycle has no doubt heard of S100 Motorcycle Care Products. This exceptional line has been in the forefront of the bike care industry since its importation from Germany in 1984. For serious motorcyclists, there is no other brand. Here’s why…

S100 was built upon the new technology of synthetic detergent-based cleaning agents. At the time, there was nothing else like it. In fact, the first patents on synthetic detergents were held by Germans. This new breed of cleaner contained no petroleum solvents and would not eat into metal like the acid and lye-based cleaners that dominated the market. Since bikes are covered in metal components, S100’s cleaner was and still is the ideal choice for cleaning them.

S100’s line started with their Total Cycle Cleaner and has since grown into 14 products that your bike just can’t do without. From their S100 Polishing Soap to their Corrosion Protectant, S100 has all your bike’s needs covered. All of the S100 products are completely safe for your bike and will keep it in pristine condition.

We carry the whole line of S100. Read through our detailed information to see how these products compare to other bike cleaners. We’d be willing to bet there’s no comparison.

The Line of S100 Motorcycle Car Products includes:
S100 Polishing Soap S100 Shine Enhancing Cleanser
S100 Detail + Wax S100 Total Cycle Cleaner Aerosol
S100 Total Cycle Cleaner S100 Cycle Corrosion Protectant
S100 Engine Brightener S100 Total Cycle Finish Restorer
S100 Drying Towel S100 Wheel Cleaner
S100 Carnauba Paste Wax S100 Cycle Care Kit
S100 Detailing Swabs S100 Total Cycle Detail Set