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Race Ramps Products

Race Ramps ProductsSince 2004, Michigan-based Race Ramps has been creating innovative new products to meet the needs of automobile enthusiasts. Specializing in durable yet lightweight ramps and accessories for in and around the garage or racetrack, Race Ramps continues to produce innovative new products. Based on the principles of great products, backed up by great service, Race Ramps has become a leading producer of automotive accessories.

Every product manufactured by Race Ramps is made in the USA using American-manufactured raw materials. The US-patented manufacturing process yields durable, lightweight products that continue to gain notoriety in the automotive repair, racing, and display segments. The solid foam-core construction of each product makes for an incredibly sturdy product that is light enough to toss in the trunk and take to the racetrack or car show.

The ever-popular Flatstoppers, for example, provide a unique solution to a common problem. When a vehicle is stored for a prolonged period of time, such as for the winter, flat spots can develop on the tires creating a noisy, rough ride. This could potentially lead to a whole new set of tires every spring! Flatstoppers provide a cradle for your tires to rest in, allowing the weight of your vehicle to be distributed more evenly so that your tires will maintain their shape year round. If you need a little lift, Race Ramps has you covered, too! Rally Ramps from Race Ramps will provide your vehicle with 5” of lift, be it for a quick oil change or to create a unique display at the car show.