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MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper

MINI IceDozer Ice ScraperMove ice, snow, and frost with the MINI IceDozer!

Winter is no match for the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper. This innovative tool has multiple scraping and ice-breaking edges to remove any type of snow or ice from your vehicle. Durable construction and a convenient small size make the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper an invaluable tool in your winter survival kit.

The MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is designed to break up hard ice and push it away. The underside of the MINI IceDozer is covered in hard plastic teeth that break up hard ice. Then the wedge-shaped nose easily pushes the tenderized ice off your vehicle. The rounded handle fits comfortably in your palm to give you all the leverage you need to remove stubborn sheets of ice.

The FrostWedge on the right side is for clearing frost from smaller areas, like the rearview mirrors. The Squeegee Brush clears slush and ice remnants off the windshield and mirrors. The Ice Notch wipes ice and show off windshield wipers. It cleans both sides of the wiper at once. On either side of the Ice Notch are the large Tenderizer teeth. These pointed teeth break up thick ice easily so it can be pushed away with the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper.

The entire MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper is made out of sturdy plastic. It's hard on ice but it is safe on auto glass.

As you can see, the makers of the MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper thought of everything! This high tech little tool is built to last out of 100% recyclable materials in the U.S.A. and it has a Lifetime Warranty!

This winter, don't struggle with a cheap, flimsy ice scraper. Use the heavy duty MINI IceDozer Ice Scraper to quickly eliminate thick ice and snow from your vehicle so you can get going!

8.2 x 6.9 x 2.2 inches
Made in U.S.A.
Lifetime Warranty