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Microfiber, Dusters, Applicators & Brush Kits

Microfiber, Dusters, Applicators & Brush KitsSuperior offers a wide variety of detailing tools to suit every need. From tiny brushes to huge microfiber towels, we’ve got what it takes to clean and beautify your vehicle. In fact, we have so much to choose from, it can be difficult to decide. To make your decision easier, here’s a list of detailing tool kits. Kits combine several products into one, value priced package. That way, you can try out different items without spending a fortune.

If you want to try every microfiber towel we carry, purchase the Microfiber Towel Super 5 Pack. If you love the cleaning capabilities of microfiber but you want to broaden your horizons beyond towels, get the Total Microfiber Tool Kit. All stocked up on microfiber? Get the California Duster Combo to keep your vehicle and your home dust-free. Avid detailers will love the Mega Applicator Combo Kit with terry, foam, and microfiber applicators galore!

No matter what kit you choose, you’ll save big! All kits are prices substantially below the total retail price of all the items included. Extra money in your pocket and a clean vehicle? It’s not too good to be true; it’s a kit from Superior!