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Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges Coming Soon!

Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges <font color=red><b>Coming Soon!</font></b>Take your favorite trim dressing on the road!

Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges are the take-along version of your favorite trim restorer. These pre-moistened foam sponges allow you to apply Meguiars Ultimate Black Trim Restorer faster and more conveniently than ever before. Each palm-sized sponge has the perfect amount of trim dressing, allowing you to dress all of your exterior plastic and rubber trim faster and more efficiently, no matter where you are!

If you love Meguiars Ultimate Black Trim Restorer, then you’ll love Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges! These sponges contain the perfect amount of Meguiars best trim dressing and will restore the color to black or gray plastic and vinyl surfaces. Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges offer the same UV protection and durability—even in the rain—that’s become a staple in your detailing routine.

If you haven’t tried Meguiars Ultimate Black Trim Restorer, now’s your chance! Since Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges come in a convenient two-pack, they are ideal for first-time users who prefer not to invest in an entire bottle. Of course, established fans of this trim dressing will appreciate the convenient, one-time use packaging that is ideal for use at the car show!

Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges are perfect for use on door handles., mirrors, roof racks, grilles, and any other exterior plastic or rubber elements on your vehicle. Simply remove a sponge from the package and apply the rich, long-lasting, formula to a clean, dry surface. That’s all it takes to achieve a like-new look that will outlast the competition.

Get your favorite trim restorer in a convenient package with Meguiars Ultimate Black Sponges.