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Meguiars Spray Bottles & Dispensers

Meguiars Spray Bottles & DispensersDownsize your detailing products into convenient-to-carry bottles!

Buying in bulk saves you money but the bottles are big and cumbersome for detailing. Instead of struggling with gallons, transfer products into Meguiars Spray Bottles & Dispensers. Meguiars has made durable bottles pre-labeled with the names of Meguiars Detailer products. Now you can enjoy the value of buying in bulk and the convenience of smaller dispensers and sprayers.

Bottle labeling is essential to prevent cross-contamination of auto surfaces and to work as efficiently as possible. Each Meguiars 32 oz. spray bottle is color-coded and clearly labeled with the name of a Meguiars Detailer product. You don't have to search for the right product; each bottle is easily identifiable.

Each spray bottle is OSHA compliant, meaning it meets the government standards for occupational safety. The durable sprayers are adjustable. The bottles and sprayers are built to withstand detailing chemicals and frequent use. They are right at home in a high volume detail shop or mobile detailing trailer.

In addition to spray bottles, Meguiars Dispensers also make detailing more convenient. Fill these 12 oz. squeeze bottles with Meguiars polishes or liquid waxes. Dispense products onto buffing pads or applicators with no mess! The 12 oz. bottles are easy handle, and they take up less space in your detailing bag. One dispenser is labeled with the Meguiars Detailer logo and the other is labeled with the Meguiars Mirror Glaze logo.

Since most Meguiars Detailer products are concentrates, Meguiars Spray Bottles & Dispensers allow you to mix up a ready-to-use portion and store it for future use. The bottles save you time and money!