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Liquid GlassThere's nothing like the exhilaration of seeing your prized auto, boat or plane gleaming with a glass-like, satin-smooth glow. One that turns heads while turning away the elements. And now because of a startling breakthrough in appearance chemical technology, you can apply this "showroom" brilliance in minutes - and enjoy its benefits year 'round.


This system of carbon based, cross-linked, cutting edge sophisticated chemicals provides all that is required to maintain any vehicle, boat, aircraft or a myriad of other uses within your home or office, indefinitely, against the harshness of MOTHER NATURE. It is the ultimate in shine, durability and protection.

Each product is unique and is designed to work in relation to and in conjunction with the others in order to offer you optimum results. After many years of dedication, laboratory testing, evaluation, research and development and our commitment to the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE, the result is called CHEMICAL SYNERGY!!

With regular uses of all five products the treated surfaces will remain MIRROR SHINY, SATIN SMOOTH AND DIAMOND HARD and resistant to all natural destructive elements.


1. LIQUID GLASS PRE-CLEANER: cleans chemically without harsh abrasives. Removes old wax, grease, oxidation, dulling salt water hazing, minor scratches, high/low spots, minor bird dropping permeation and non etched acid rain spots. Also removes light rust, tarnish and corrosion on chrome, aluminum, brass, gold, silver, etc. It prepares the surface for a Liquid Glass Polish/Finish application.

In short, the Pre-Cleaner produces the clean, smooth, high gloss luster that Liquid Glass Polish maintains and is the secret behind the LIQUID GLASS GLOW!

2. LIQUID GLASS POLISH/FINISH: The GOLD CAN with the RED CORVETTE on the front creates a mirror like shine while it works to retard acid rain, road salt deterioration , tar, sap, rust, corrosion, dulling, minor bird dropping permeation, bugs, tree branch scratches and just about everything that MANKIND and MOTHER NATURE can dish out. Produces a SUPER DURABLE HIGH GLOSS FINISH with little or no effort in half the time of all other products.

BRAKE DUST ON WHEELS CANNOT STICK and easily wipes off. ICE AND SNOW cannot stick and easily slides off after vehicle has been warmed to operating temperatures!

Its key ingredient is CRYSTAL CLEAR CARBON, the same element found in DIAMONDS!! Once air cured, the Liquid Glass Finsh is as hard as glass and will never crack, chip, peel or turn yellow and never has to be removed.

Use it on all paints, all bright work and all glass. Completely safe to use on Clear Coats! Cannot be over applied for even higher gloss.


3. WASH CONCENTRATE: cleans chemically without high PH alkaline soaps which dull a Liquid Glass Finish. Protects against water spotting with special hard water softeners in the formula. Easily removes tree sap, bugs, road salt, tar, grime, bird droppings and anything else that dirties your Liquid Glass Mirror Finish. SIMPLY WASHES BRAKE DUST OFF Liquid Glass coated wheels and magically refreshes the "JUST GLASSED" look.

Amazingly, in most cases, after rinsing off the Wash Concentrate suds, the vehicle can be driven wet or parked in a hot sun and ENTIRE VEHICLE WILL DRY SPOT FREE as long as the Liquid Glass Polish was first applied to entire vehicle and Wash Concentrate directions are followed. No towel or chamois drying necessary unless you wish to do so!

4. CONNOISSEUR'S CHOICE CLEANER: Cleans Deep! Penetrates the outer surface of leather rejuvenating down to the DNA of the inner leather restoring the soft, supple feel it has when new. Can be used on Canvas and Vinyl Convertible Tops to deep clean and restore softness and flexibility. Cleans without harsh chemicals. Cleans and penetrates rubber to newness and rejuvenates tires removing old wax, silicone, ground in dirt in the rubber and lettering. INCREASES TIRE LONGEVITY.

Does for vinyl, rubber, leather and finished woods what Liquid Glass Pre-Cleaner does for paint and bright work. Connoisseur's Choice LVRC prepares the surface for the application for Connoisseur's Choice Protectant.

5. CONNOISSEUR'S CHOICE PROTECTANT: Contains MINK OIL (Scientifically made in our Laboratories so we do not harm those cute little animals) and cutting edge rejuvenating chemicals that restore, lubricate, penetrate and maintain newness to weathered vinyl, canvas, leather, rubber and finished wood. Maintains the soft, supple and pliable condition and appearance. It penetrates the outer surface of leather rejuvenating the DNA of the inner leather to maintain what the LVRC accomplished. Many applications to new hard leather have the proven ability to soften to Doeskin like texture. The leather continues to absorb coating after coating until it saturates the inner leather. When last coating lays on surface, simply buff to a high luster. THEN FEEL THE LEATHER!

It lasts A MINIMUM OF 3 FULL MONTHS without drying out the surfaces the way all alcohol and soap based products will do. Protects against harmful moisture and sun damage. Easily wipes clean with either a dry cloth or a light spray of Connoisseur's Choice LVRC. It is considered equally as amazing as Liquid Glass Polish/Finish by our customers throughout the world!!!

6. NAUTICAL LIQUID GLASS: Can be used on fiberglass, metal, Kevlar or wooden boats. It will not harm Gelcoat. It retards BARNACLES and ALGAE GROWTH on Gelcoat, boat bottoms, engine parts, rudders and all bightwork. ON NEW BOATS, IT WILL ELIMINATE THE NEED TO BOTTOM PAINT WITH ONLY YEARLY APPLICATIONS.

It increases speed and fuel economy. It stops salt air, water erosion and the sun's heat from dulling the painted or Gelcoated surfaces. It chemically cross-links with other Liquid Glass Products.