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LANGKAThe most common and widespread problem affecting vehicle owners are paint chips and scratches. Professional repair of these blemishes is a $2 billion industry. Your share is only a tiny fraction of that, but wouldn’t it be nice to save even more money by doing it yourself?

LANGKA specializes in developing paint chip repair products for the average auto enthusiast. The company was founded in 1996 because the largest maker of touch-up paint in the U.S. wanted an easy-on process of applying its paints. Since LANGKA’s parent company was already in the business of professional paint repair, it was only a matter of repackaging the process for the consumer.

Because LANGKA was spawned from a company that deals with professional body shops, the results you get with the LANGKA Complete Paint Chip Repair Kit are remarkable close to the results you’d get at a body shop. The only difference is the paint – professional repair paint is not available to the public. LANGKA products are designed to be used with the touch-up paint available from your vehicle’s manufacturer. Generally, this paint produces a noticeable blob that protrudes from the surface of your vehicle. With the LANGKA process, this blob is eliminated to give you smooth, flawless, professional results.

To help you use LANGKA products to their full potential, they have made a 5 Minute Instructional CD for the repair kit. You may also buy The Blob Eliminator separately if you prefer.

In addition to chip repair, LANGKA has developed a user-friendly wet sand kit called the WetSand2000 Kit. It removes clear coat scratches that do not require touch-up paint.

LANGKA puts professional quality paint repair in your hands!