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The Original Kozak Cloth

The Original Kozak ClothPeople often think of innovations as modern ideas. But Kozak Auto DryWash Cloths are one innovation that has been around sine 1926. During that year, the R.M. Walker Ford Dealership in Batavia, New York was thriving with sales of the Ford Model T. They were doing such a steady business, cars had to be washed every night for demonstrations the next day. Paying for two men to wash cars with soap and water all night was cutting into the dealership’s profits, so they started looking for alternatives. KozaK DryWash Cloths were invented out of simple necessity – to cut out the expense of the car wash. And they worked too. The DryWash Cloths saved 80% of the wet-washing expense; both in time and materials, and it was discovered that the cloths were extremely durable. Each cloth could easily withstand up to 100 cleanings. It didn’t take long for the rest of the nation to catch on and KozaK Drywash Cloths became a staple in the auto care industry.