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Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam Pads

Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam PadsCompressed foam improves pad performance!

Lake Country is always developing pads to keep up with the auto industry! Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam Pads are perfect for today's curved vehicles. These innovative pads have a unique compressed foam center to hug your car's curves and contours for an even gloss from bumper to bumper.

Each Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam Pad has a slotted pad face that gives the foam more flexibility than an average flat pad. Each foam tab moves somewhat independently to give the foam as a whole a greater ability to conform to curved surfaces. When polishing with a buffer, uniformity is everything so Lake Country Kompressor Pads ensure full pad contact on all surfaces.

Kompressor pads save polish and reduce buffer sling. The natural shape of the a Kompressor pad is like a bowl, with the foam bowed upward. When pressed to a backing plate, the foam in the center of the pad compresses, creating an area of denser foam. Polish and wax tend to stay in this compressed area, thus reducing buffer sling and preventing the migration of the polish to the outer edge of the pad.

You know Lake Country's foam pad compositions are among the best in the business, but they're also among the most durable. Kompressor pads are designed to last. The center of compressed foam actually prolongs the life of the pad. The foam tabs are pressed together to make the foam denser and therefore less susceptible to unnecessary wear.

Each Kompressor Pad has a recessed back where the backing plate sits completely surrounded by foam. This lip of foam protects the paint against contact with the backing plate edge. Kompressor pads have hook and loop fasteners. These 6 inch pads are compatible with 5 inch hook and loop backing plates.

Another benefit of the slotted pad face is that Kompressor pads are easy to clean. The pads naturally bow upward when taken off the backing plate. You can easily use your fingers or a brush to clean between the foam tabs and rinse out all polish residue. Use Snappy Clean Pad Cleaning Concentrate diluted in water to wash foam pads and then allow to air dry.

Lake Country Kompressor Foam Pads are available in several varieties to tackle any paint condition:

Purple Hybrid Heavy Cutting 6 inch Foam Pad – The hybrid foam formulation constructed to be as close to a twisted wool compounding pad as possible with a foam pad. Use the purple foam pad to apply compounds and heavy cut swirl removers. The purple foam removes oxidation, heavy swirls, and most scratches.


Yellow Medium Cutting 6 inch Foam Pad – The yellow Kompressor pad is less aggressive than the purple and has the cutting power of the Lake Country CCS yellow pad. It is highly effective at scratch, swirl, and oxidation removal with compounds and heavy swirl removers.


Orange Light Cutting 6 inch Foam Pad – The orange Kompressor pad is firm, high density foam for scratch, swirl, and light oxidation removal. Use this pad with polishes and swirl removers. It’s an all around pad that will work on most light to moderate imperfections.


White Polishing 6 inch Foam Pad – The white foam is less dense than the purple. Use the white pad with polishes, light swirl removers, and prewax cleansers. The foam removes very light imperfections, including swirls and light oxidation.


Green Polishing/Finishing 6 inch Foam Pad – The green foam pad is a low density foam that fills in the gap between medium density polishing foam and the ultra soft finishing foam. Use it with cleaner waxes and prewax cleaners.


Black Finessing 6 inch Foam Pad – The black foam pad is designed for safe, even wax and paint sealant application. The black foam has no cutting ability. Use it for paste and liquid waxes, paint sealants, and cleaner waxes.


Red Finishing 6 inch Foam Pad – The red foam can be used to apply glazes, liquid waxes and sealants. This pad can also be used for very fine polishing.


Super Soft Gold Jewelling 6 inch Foam Pad – Use the gold pad to apply a very fine polish or glaze using light pressure, which turns a great shine into an unbelievable shine. Jewelling is the term coined for this step because it intensifies gloss and reflectivity, like a jewel. The gold foam pad also works well for wax and sealant application.


Cyan Advanced Cutting Foam - The blue foam is designed for compounding and swirl removal. Even with its excellent cutting power, it leaves a nearly wax-ready finish in one step. This closed cell pre-polymer foam restores oxidized and heavily swirled paint. The blue cutting foam is a good match with Menzerna Power Finish PO 203 and Meguiars Ultra-Cut Compound.

Tangerine Ultra Polishing Foam - The tangerine foam removes light to moderate swirls and scratches. It has the cutting power just below that of the Lake Country orange light cutting pad. The finish it leaves is like what you'd get with Lake Country's gray finishing pad. This pad is a great choice for Menzerna Super Finish.

Crimson Finishing Foam - Lake Country's Crimson Hydro-Tech foam pad is perfect for the application of nonabrasive products, like waxes, paint sealants, and glazes. It has no leveling ability but provides a soft, smooth surface to spread products over the paint. The Hydro-Tech foam doesn't soak up liquid waxes and sealants like more porous pads can, so it takes less product to cover the vehicle. Use the crimson pad with any water-based liquid wax or paint sealant.

Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam Pads are ideal for an random orbital or dual action polisher.

When choosing pads, be flexible! Lake Country Kompressor 6 inch Foam Pads flex to hug the curves of your vehicle with a slotted pad face, and the center of compressed foam holds polish longer to prevent buffer sling.