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Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade

Husky Liners Aluminum SunshadeKeep your truck cab cooler in any weather!

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The Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade provides a stylish way to keep your truck’s cab cooler. In addition to keeping things cooler, the Sunshade will protect the rear window, and subsequently the back of your head, from any loose items or debris. The Louvered design allows you to maintain visibility while staying cooler!

The cab of your truck serves many functions—office, toolshed, taxi—and as such it needs to be comfortable. AC is great, but sometimes it’s just too loud. If you’ve ever sat in your truck on the jobsite or in a parking lot sweating profusely as you make an important phone call, then you know just how frustrating it can be—that loud gusting air makes it nearly impossible for the person on the other end to hear you! Even when you’re not on the phone, the sun bakes the back of your neck as you drive, forcing you to blast the AC and decrease your MPGs. That’s no longer an issue with the Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade. This unique shade keeps your cab cooler and protects you and your passengers from loose items.

The Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade is constructed of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum designed to look stylish, while performing a valid function. The sunshade installs easily without drilling using the include hardware. Each Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade is coated to resist rust even if the rack gets scratched.

Product Features:
  • Constructed of lightweight, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Louvered design provides shade to the cab area
  • Environmentally-friendly coating resists rust, even when scratched
  • Easy to install with no drilling required
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Limited one year warranty

Keep your cab cooler with the Husky Liners Aluminum Sunshade.