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How To Order RaceDeck Garage Flooring

How To Order RaceDeck Garage Flooring

Ordering RACEDECK garage flooring is easy if you know the measurements of your garage. Using graph paper, draw the floor plan of your garage as if each square represents a foot. Since all RACEDECK floor tiles, except RACEDECK XL, are 12 inches square, this makes ordering a breeze!

Please note that RACEDECK XL tiles are each 18 x 18 inches, which would be 1 1/2 squares on a sheet of graph paper. Once you have this visual representation of your garage floor, you can simply count the number of tiles you will need.

If you do plan to add edging and corners, make sure to note that these will add two inches to each side of your flooring. However, you may choose to lay the tiles all the way up to the walls, without edging.

edge pieces diagramAnother option is to use RACEDECK floor tiles to make a parking mat, rather than covering the entire floor. You can decide how large you want your parking mat to be and then how many tiles will fit in that space. Usually for parking mats, we suggest adding edges and corners for a more finished look. Please keep in mind that each edge is 12 x 2 inches, and each corner is 14 x 2 inches.

Another important step is to understand that when purchasing edges and corners, you need to be sure that you know how many male and female pieces you will need. On a square parking mat, two sides will require female edges and corners. Two sides will require male edges and corners. The easiest way to visualize this is to sketch all this out before placing your order with male and female edges labeled on your drawing. This sketch will help you when it comes to installing your flooring, too.

Now you can create custom patterns using different colors and types of tiles! If you can imagine it, you can design it. Your sketch will help you determine how many of each tile you need.

NOTE: The product color shown on your computer monitor may differ slightly from the actual product. For that reason, we would suggest ordering a single module to verify exact color.

*Discounts and shipping promotions do not apply to this item. RACEDECK tiles ship by ground service only.