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Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner, Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface Cleaner Bonnets

Glass Master Pro Glass and Surface CleanerThe Definitive Glass Cleaning System

People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones - they should throw out their ineffective cleaning products and get Glass Master Pro! The ultimate gadget for glass cleaning is designed so ingeniously, it will eliminate streaks and haze without effort. The triangular shaped, swiveling head accommodates high-quality bonnets that are fitted with a sturdy elastic lining. Once the two are joined, the 14” handle gives you ample clearance for your most precariously positioned glass surfaces, such as the interior of your windshield. glassThe multi-purpose bonnets handle a variety of problems ranging from scrubbing, to drying and dusting – and everything in between. Glass Master Pro works on plenty of other surfaces as amazingly as it works on glass, making a must-have for interior detailing, boat, and RV care.

Superior is proud to carry these competitively priced, innovative products. Put fast and efficient glass cleaning into your hands now!