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Four Star Products

Four Star ProductsFour Star car care products employ state-of-the-art surface care technology to make a line of products that surpass all expectations. The chemists at Four Star conducted research on a specific group of water-based polymers. These super-polymers have a crystal-like structure which acts like a diamond to refract light, creating a brilliant shimmer. After years of development and fine-tuning, Four Star presents a 3-step method of paint protection that goes above and beyond ordinary carnauba wax in shine and durability. Four Star products have no volatile characteristics and the protection lasts for months, not mere weeks.

Four Star created a molecular formula that withstood testing in the harshest of environments, ranging from the coldest to the hottest temperatures.Four Star products produce a wet-looking, deep gloss that is highly resistant to ultra-violet intrusion. Four Star is offered in a liquid form that is both paint-friendly and user-friendly.

Four Star Ultimate Paint Protection mimics the positive characteristics of carnauba but will last for up to six months. For best results, always use Four Star Ultimate Paint pre-Cleaner before initial application. This step aids in the bonding process by cleaning the top paint surface and "wetting" it, deepening the paint gloss.

Four Star products’ light-refracting technology makes them unlike any other car care products on the market. Ultimate Paint Protection will give you everything you always wanted in a paint sealant. It is economical, fast and easy to use. The results are a dramatic, long-lasting, deep wet look that looks amazing on any vehicle.