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FAQs Optimum Protectant Plus

FAQs Optimum Protectant PlusWhy do I need to use a protectant on the vinyl or leather surfaces?
These surfaces are treated to give them protection against scratching and from the elements and to make cleaning easier. Over time, these protectants are lost due to abrasion and exposure to the sun. Optimum Protectant Plus replenishes these oils as well as adding UV protectants to these surfaces.

What is the difference between Optimum Protectant Plus and other vinyl or leather protectants?
Most other products use topical oils that leave a greasy film behind which acts as dust magnet and is transferred to anything that comes in contact with. Optimum Protectant Plus only contains oils that penetrate and adhere to these surfaces which offers long-lasting protection.

Does Optimum Protectant Plus change the appearance of these surfaces to a glossy finish?
No. There are some products that are oily and can turn these surfaces shiny temporarily. Optimum Protectant Plus brings back the original color of these surfaces and keeps the colors from fading over time.