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Diamondite® Glass Cleaning System

Diamondite® Glass Cleaning SystemThe best inventions are the result of recognizing a problem. In 2000, a young man named Bryan Schoyest recognized the damaging effects of acid rain and, with the help of a chemist associate, he discovered a great scientific process that forever changed the car care industry. They found a way to remove the effects of acid rain on automotive paint surfaces and glass and prevent future damage. This stroke of genius was the birth of the Diamondite system; a silicone-free, three-step process used to remove contaminates from glass surfaces then works to protect glass from future occurrences.

Diamondite Spray Clay is the foundation the Diamondite line of products was built upon. This product will remove acid rain spots and contaminants, which include dirt, tar, resin, and bug debris. This product is a Kaolin clay formulation which removes mineral and acid rain residue without grinding or compounding. After using your Diamondite Spray Clay, you will see those spots and stains disappear!

Diamondite Glass and Surface Cleaner is the second step of the Diamondite System. Although it is useful for prepping glass and paint prior to the use of Spray Clay, this cleaner will also buff away any residue or haze left after using the Spray Clay. After you buff, your windshield or painted surface will have an unbeatable shine that is free of spots and is crystal clear.

Diamondite Shield is the final step, and the most essential for preventing future damage from glass contaminants. This product literally “fills in the cracks”, as glass is not actually a smooth surface, but a porous surface with microscopic ridges. Contaminants become embedded within the ridges, and using the two steps above will remove and lift them. Diamondite Shield is a polymer, which when applied, will seal your glass from future problems.

You do not need to be a professional to use these products. You can use them with confidence at home for crystal clear glass. Let Diamondite technology restore and protect your automotive glass and painted surfaces easily and effectively.

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