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Cyclo Orbital Polisher & Accessories

Cyclo Orbital Polisher & AccessoriesThe Cyclo Dual Head Polisher was introduced to the public in 1953 and it changed the detailing world forever! The dual rotating heads of the Cyclo polisher were unlike anything else available, and they still are! The dual heads received government patents over 50 years ago and no one has been able to duplicate, or improve upon, the Cyclo dual head polisher’s design since. So what’s so great about the Cyclo polisher?

For one thing, the dual heads eliminate a lot of common problems with single-head polishers, like balance, heat build-up, and swirls. The Cyclo Dual Head Polisher sits on two heads so the weight is always evenly distributed. The two heads do not transfer heat to the pad so there’s less risk of burning the paint. Since the heads sit flat on the paint, the edges of the pads or backing plate will not cause swirl marks because of uneven pressure.

The Cyclo Dual Head Polisher works so well, it is used to polish most major aircraft fleets worldwide, including Air Force One.

The Cyclo Polisher is a multi-functional tool. It can be used to polish, buff, compound, sand, and clean! Browse our Cyclo tools to see what this machine can do for you. Also, read more about the patented Cyclo Dual-Head Polisher below.