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Cyclo Double Precision Foam Pads

Cyclo Double Precision Foam PadsGet double the performance from your Cyclo pads!

Two sides are better than one! The Cyclo DoublePrecision Foam Pads are reversible to give you two usable sides. When each pad becomes caked, just flip them over and it’s like having new pads.

The Cyclo DoublePrecision Pads bring a new level of convenience to machine polishing. You’ll never have to search through your detailing supplies for more pads. Just flip them over and continue polishing. The adapter system keeps pads level and balanced to improve the control and results you experience with the Cyclo polisher.

The Cyclo Double Precision Pads have all these features:

The Cyclo DoublePrecision Pads work with center adapters, rather than backing plates or rubber boots. The adapters attach to a plate in the center of each pad. This system makes the pads self-centering. Centered pads vibrate less and produce more even, uniform results.

Vibration is nearly eliminated. The DoublePrecision Pads sit close to the housing, closer than the original Cyclo pads. There are no moving parts between the pads and the housing, thereby creating less vibration. The centering adapters keep the pads perfectly balanced to prevent wobbling. Since the Cyclo vibrates much less, polishing your vehicle is easier on your arms and less tiring.

The Cyclo DoublePrecision Pads minimize the risk of striking the paint with the polisher by eliminating the rubber boots. When polishing a flat surface that intersects with a vertical surface (like where the bumper and trunk meet), the rubber boot could come into contact with the vertical surface. With the DoublePrecision Pads, only foam will touch the paint.

DoublePrecision Pads are double-sided. You get twice the work area out of one pad compared to single-sided foam pads.

These pads use Cyclo Quick Connect Adapters for fast and easy pad changes. The chrome-plated, machined brass adapters each have a release button. Pads snap on and off in seconds. The adapters keep the pads perfectly centered at all times to reduce vibration and improve operator control.

The Cyclo DoublePrecision Foam Pads have tough internal plastic plates that maintain the pads’ shape. The plate holds the quick change adapter in place and keeps the pads flat against the vehicle to prevent wobbling and uneven finishes.

The Cyclo DoublePrecision Pads are available in these varieties of foam:

Yellow Double-sided Cutting Pad
The yellow cutting pad is intended for more aggressive swirl and scratch removal. It is made of dense foam and will work well with compounds and advanced swirl removers. This pad is comparable to our Wolfgang™ yellow cutting pad.

Orange Double-sided Light Cutting Pad
The orange pad is the all-around swirl remover, polisher, and paint deoxidizer. Made of high density foam, this pad will correct most mild to moderate paint imperfections and polish metal and chrome.

Green Double-sided Polishing Pad
The green pad is more aggressive than the white pad. It has a mild cut for gentle polishing. Use your favorite polish or pre-wax cleaner to remove light oxidation and bring out a bright, glossy shine.

Green/White Double-sided Polishing Pad
Polish the paint to a glossy shine and then flip the pad to apply a wax or sealant. This pad combines the Green Polishing Foam and the White Finishing Foam into one time-saving pad.

White Double-sided Finishing Pad
The white pad is Cyclo’s softest pad. It is intended for final buffing and wax application. It will render a glossy shine without polishing. This pad has no cut.

Upgrade your foam pads to Cyclo DoublePrecision Foam Pads. The double-sided design and quick connect system make these pads more comfortable and convenient than conventional single-sided pads.

Pads are sold individually.