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Cyclo Polisher Carpet & Upholstery Brushes

Cyclo Polisher Carpet & Upholstery BrushesThe Cyclo is not just for polishing!

The Cyclo Dual-Head Polisher compounds, polishes, buffs, and sands, but that’s not all! It also cleans carpet, upholstery, and grout by simply changing the attachments. The Cyclo does it all!

Complete your detailing arsenal with the Cyclo Polisher Carpet & Upholstery Brushes. These high quality brushes extract spots and stains from carpet, upholstery, grout, and tile. Remove the polishing heads from the Cyclo and screw two brushes in their place. The overlapping rotation of the polisher agitates fibers to release dried spots that you thought would never come out! Use your favorite carpet & upholstery shampoo to remove ground-in mud, food, and make-up with the twin power of the Cyclo!

You will need the Cyclo Polisher flat wrench (included with the polisher) to remove the polishing heads and attach the brushes. When you’re finished cleaning, unscrew the brushes with the wrench and rinse them thoroughly. Allow the brushes to air dry.

The Cyclo Polisher Carpet & Upholstery Brushes come in four varieties:

Grey Ultra Soft Upholstery Brush: This brush is for your most delicate carpet and upholstery. Each bristle is flagged, meaning they are split in to multiple fine tips. This brush is ideal for headliners, leather upholstery, natural fibers, and more fragile upholstery and carpets.

Aqua Soft Carpet Brush: This brush is an all-around carpet scrubber. It has medium crimped bristles for gentle, thorough cleaning. It loosens and removes spots and stains from most types of carpet.

White Standard Carpet Brush: This brush is meant for rigorous scrubbing of durable carpets. The bristles are stiff enough to dislodge old stains and they will hold up better than the Soft Carpet Brush on heavy duty carpet. You can also use this brush on tile, grout, and floor pads.

Black Stiff Scrub Brush: The black brush has very stiff bristles and is meant for intense scrubbing of hard surfaces. Use it on tile, grout, stone floors, and truck bed liners.

The Cyclo Brushes also attach to the Porter Cable 7424XP. Remove the backing plate and screw in one brush head for on-the-spot cleaning. (You will probably need the Porter Cable flat wrench to tighten the brushes.) Remember that the Cyclo requires two brushes.

Put your Cyclo to work inside your vehicle and your home. The Cyclo Carpet & Upholstery Brushes will scrub your carpet, grout, tile, and upholstery clean with the dual power of the Cyclo!