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Convertible Top & Glass Care Kits

Convertible Top & Glass Care KitsIn the detailing industry, there’s a lot of focus on the painted portion of your vehicle. The glass, windows, and top never get the same praise as a shiny paint finish. At Superior, we demand equal treatment for the top half of the vehicle! That’s why our inventory includes so many convertible top kits, glass kits, clear plastic kits, and microfiber towels. With these products, you can clean and beautify the entire vehicle, not just the paint.

For convertible tops, nothing beats RaggTopp and 303. 303’s Convertible Top Kits are a great value and work extremely well. Clean and seal glass with the Diamondite Glass Cleaning System Kit, or clay the windshield and windows with Pinnacle or Wolfgang’s Polyclay Kits. When you’re done cleaning, wipe it all down with a microfiber towel for the best shine and clarity.

Why should the paint get all the glory? Give the rest of your vehicle the same care with any of these Convertible Top & Glass Care Kits.