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Collinite Automotive Waxes

Collinite Automotive Waxes“Learn what the professionals have always known about Collinite wax...it simply protects better, longer and more brilliantly than any other wax product available. For more than 70 years, Collinite has been the original, natural product. The one that penetrates deep to feed and moisturize paint while protecting against premature aging and oxidation. Today, Collinite offers a full range of exclusive automotive wax formulations; formulations that have won the hearts, loyalty, and recommendations of our customers.” Superior offers the full range of Collinite automotive waxes. Whether your vehicle is brand new or a restored classic, Collinite’s proprietary waxes will protect and enrich the paint with real carnauba. Collinite waxes offer incredible longevity, reflection, water-beading, and protection. Choose from five unique waxes plus a prewax cleaner and a leather and vinyl wax. Every Collinite wax is formulated to ensure the long-term beauty of your vehicle.