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Clay KitsIf you want to achieve the ultimate glossy, slick finish on your vehicle, don’t stop at washing and waxing! That’s the old way of detailing. It’s fine for single-stage paint finishes, but today’s clear coats need more attention. Dirt, sand, industrial fallout, and other particles can get trapped in the clear coat. Washing alone will not remove these tiny contaminants. If you wax over them, you’ve sealed them in and your paint will feel bumpy. To completely clean your paint, you need clay.

Clay bars are made in natural and synthetic varieties. The clay works with a lubricant to pull embedded contaminants out of the paint as the bar glides over the paint surface. The lubricant prevents scratching. The result is silky smooth, perfectly clean paint.

All of our best clay kits are assembled on this page. You’ll recognize manufacturers like Wolfgang, Pinnacle, and Mothers. For good measure, we threw in the Diamondite Glass Cleaning System as well. You glass will be as clean and smooth as your paint!

Each kit contains clay, lubricant, and any number of other products to keep your vehicle looking great!

Wolfgang Deep Gloss Total Concours Kit
Retail Value $170.40
Our Price $139.95