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3M Automotive Appearance Products

3M Automotive Appearance ProductsAn unstoppable commitment to innovation is what drives 3M to create new technologies and products to better serve their customers all across the globe. For over 100 years, 3M has made it their personal goal to offer the-first-of-their-kind products to all facets of modern life. From sports, to medicine to office supplies and automotive products, 3M has been consistently creating innovative products to make life easier for everyone. Besides being trusted by body shop professionals and expert detailers alike, 3M has secured itself as the pinnacle of cutting-edge technologies.

In the automotive field, they represent some of the most efficient solutions available. Through rigorous research and groundbreaking discoveries, 3M offers a line of austere, no-nonsense vehicle-care products that have become standard in many a detailer’s garage. Award winning products that are simply the best in their class make every aspect of car and motorcycle detailing quicker, easier, and more effective than ever! 3M chemists laboriously engineer the sensational formulas that guarantee gorgeous vehicular shines, and their protectants and sealants protect stronger and longer than all others.

Stock your garage with 3M and you will find their reputable and trustworthy name will ensure that your vehicles are receiving the best.

All of these products are from 3M's Professional Formula Line.